Who Do We Serve

  • Residents in transitional housing at the YWCA
  • Mothers from Susannahs house program
  • Mothers from UT high risk OB/GYN

If you are not a part of the above organization s and are seeking help from smiles for hope following are the eligibility requirements:

1.Adult (18+) women who have received dental injuries to the smile-zone from a former intimate partner, spouse, a family member(s), or former drug use.

2. All applicants must meet with a domestic violence/sexual assault advocate, case manager, counselor, faith leader, therapist, or doctor or be involved in an outreach program. See page 3.

3. Generally, the incident causing the injury must have happened at least one year ago unless Smiles for Hope makes an exception based on the patient's circumstances. The applicant must be out of all abusive relationships and live separately from that person for a minimum of one year.

4. Applicant is currently unable to afford dental services.

How does it work?

Potential applicants click here to download the Patient Intake Form (PDF) and email to kayrangnekar@smilesforhopetn.com

Once we receive your application, you will be notified via email if you initially qualify or not. By filling out an application, you are not guaranteed free dental work.