Dr. Borole and her team, in collaboration with St. John's Episcopal Cathedral and Volunteer Ministry Center, started providing free dental care to the residents of the YWCA Knoxville & the Tennessee Valley in early 2016. What began as an interim project to provide emergency dental care to the residents quickly turned into providing rehabilitative and reconstructive dental work. Smiles for Hope was  incorporated in October 20, 2017 to help women that were working towards a second chance in life and did not have access to dental care.

 Through their efforts, Smiles for Hope has made it possible for several women, to take first steps towards increased self-confidence and a better life.  This confidence has given them the strength and courage to pursue goals both professionally and personally that they might not have pursued without their “smile”.

Our team of volunteers has been working on the 1st Saturday of every month at the Volunteer Ministry Center in Knoxville providing these services. To date, Smiles For Hope has successfully conducted over 20 dental clinics adding up to a total of 177 patient visits.  We have a core team of 6 volunteers that includes licensed dental professionals that work diligently to ensure efficient operations at each clinic. In addition to the core team Smiles for Hope is supported by local high school students who volunteer their time at the clinic.