Every donation to Smiles For Hope goes directly in bringing a much needed smile to women and children that are fighting for a second chance in life.



       For $500

 You can help   sponsor  one   Smiles  For   Hope   clinic and   provide   dental care   for 15   women in   need.

      For $300

 You can help give   a   woman a new   set  of   dentures.

         For $100

 You can help a   woman restore her   oral health again   with fillings.

Smiles For Hope is a registered 501(c)3. All donations are tax deductible and deeply appreciated.

         For $50

 You can give a   woman the gift of     teeth cleaning who   has never been to   see a dentist   before.

         For $25

For only $25 support us in our mission to give hope to those that need it the most.